Saturday, August 28, 2010

The To-Do List

The to-do lists are quite common in everyone's lives. While some like to do things impromptu some make a list and plan things accordingly.  I've been used to this "to-do list" from when I was a kid. My grandfather always used to have this "to-do" list when he used to make these n-trips a week to Secunderabad and I used to admire him for his perfection. Well, hell-no. I never used to think it was good. For me it was insanely insane. "To-do " list?? Jeez go get a life folks.

However, when gmail introduced the tasks option, I became insane too, making a "to-do" list.  Not because  I wanted to be a perfectionist or because I thought it was super-cool or something but because of my amnesia solely attributed to my ignorance.  Now now enough of this humbug.  Why did I start about this "to-do" list?  I did because it had something to do with a post written on the white board hanging in our meeting room.  Friday mornings are no fun especially when you have this weekly status meeting to let your boss know what you do. Grrrr!!!! I hate those meetings.  The "to-do" list on the board was way too hilarious and 'A' who had recently joined our group became a victim of some brutally  hilarious onslaught.  People who sat beside her cubicle started pulling her leg and making fun of the "to-do" lists she makes.  One of them was "Eat when you are hungry"!!  I guess she needs someone inception. Someone to implant ideas into her head rather than this "to-do" list.

Anyways, I know that this post comes nowhere close to making sense but I wanted to post this picture which I found it a little bit geeky too.  To all those saaaftwaare engineers, does this not represent to some 'C' programming?

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